Warm autumn day

These pics were shot when I was out for a walk in the park on a beautiful warm and sunny afternoon last weekend. I believe there's absolutely nothing like the smell and colours of Autumn, I love it SO much and wish this season could last at least twice as long. And yes, I'll take the rain as well, I really don't care.

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Oscar de la Renta

Saddened to learn of designer Oscar de la Renta's passing this morning. He truly was one of the greats. No big red carpet event goes by without at least one person wearing an Oscar de la Renta creation and it's because of this, especially, that I will forever remember him and his work. Because his red carpet gowns were always elegant and pretty. You could count on it. "I'm not interested in shock tactics. I just want to make beautiful clothes" is what he once said - and I thank you for it, mr. de la Renta! 

credit: Oscar de la Renta Facebook